WrestleMania results

#1 & #6 = I called it! Kane pulled it off! It's about time they put a strap on him other than a tag-team championship! Kudos to the WWE for giving him a piece of the good stuff.

#2 = Not only do I hate that JBL won, but it left us fans shrugging. Of course we want Finlay and Hornswoggle to get their chance to get their revenge, but do they expect us to really believe JBL is that unstoppable? I'm sure he'll get his at Backlash.

#3 = So I missed the boat on this one, but I should have seen it coming. Apparently, WWE is still on their honeymoon with CM Punk. Not that he's so terrible, but I really hope he doesn't waste his time on going after the ECW title. Cool run-in by Matt Hardy though.

#4 = Dude, that was the sickest ending I've seen in awhile! Batista almost broke his back lifting up that Samoan Saddlebag! I'm sure this will continue, and probably drag on too far.

#5 = Just silliness. Maria got her push without winning. Oh well.

#7 = I knew if WWE was giving this guy all this money and hyping it up so much that they'd for sure give him the win, and they did. No surprise. Big Show is such a nice guy irl, I knew he wouldn't have a problem with jobbing to him.

#8 = I nailed this one too, but it wasn't that hard. With the big speech Flair gave at the HOF, you had to know he was going out finally. I appreciate and respect him for his long years as a great entertainer, but it's time to hang that cap.

#9 = No brainer. You can't stop the madness that is the Undertaker. 16-0!!

#10 = Ok, why is Orton still champion? Just like always, he does no work and keeps his title. In every title defense, he gets pretty much whooped, but pulls a RKO out of nowhere to get the pin. Ridiculous. I really hope he loses it by Backlash or SummerSlam.

So I scored 50% right this time around. I'll catch up again after I see RAW.


WrestleMania 24 Predictions

This year's WrestleMania should be a good show. I don't really care about the order. Who's in the main event doesn't even matter. It's freaking WrestleMania! Those guys involved count themselves lucky and/or privileged to be a part of it! As would I! So here are my picks for winners at WrestleMania and why: (in order of what I expect in appearance)

1. 24-man #1 Contender to ECW Title battle royal: Kane = This guy really deserves this title shot. He's been looked over in the WWE for so freaking long, as far as championships are concerned. His only real contenders in this match are Great Khali or Mark Henry. Both of those guys are the "I'm big and you should be scared" kinda guys. Not the kind of guys that win titles. So, this one goes to Kane by far.

2. JBL vs. Finlay in a Belfast Brawl: Finlay = WWE has been building this up for weeks with JBL on top, especially beating up Hornswoggle and revealing their relationship. It's classic revenge match. Also look for Hornswoggle to interfere.

3. Money in the Bank ladder match: Ken Kennedy = A month ago I would have picked Jeff Hardy. Unfortunately, he took himself out of his big push in the company. That paved the way for Chris Jericho and John Morrison to get in to the match. While Jericho is the favorite, I feel like WWE will and should give the nod to an up-and-comer like Kennedy, who has not had any real shot. I would go as far to say, because of his injury after winning it last year, that he would immediately go after Jericho for the Intercontinental Title, possibly at Raw the next night, and maybe with the help of MVP.

4. Batista vs. Umaga: Draw/No Contest = This will be a long drawn out match with no real decision; probably taking the match to the back. Look for this rivalry to continue to Backlash and end in some kind of special match -- like a Last Man Standing match.

5. BunnyMania Lumberjack match: Maria/Ashley = Really, who cares right? Most fans don't watch them for their wrestling skills. Nevertheless, look for Maria to keep getting her push. It may turn out as a shot at the title, but to no avail.

6. Kane vs. Chavo Guerrero for the ECW Championship: Kane = I really want Kane to win this, but I'm not absolutely sure. It would be interesting to see Kane with a ECW title run. He definitely deserves it.

7. Big Show vs. Floyd "Money" Mayweather: Mayweather = WWE has really been trying to push Big Show as a heel, but I think fans want him as a face. Of course, he could pull it off a heel run, but I think they'll definitely side with him over Mayweather. Big Show should win, but he won't because it's a specialty match with an "outsider."

8. Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels in a Career-Threatening Match: HBK = Flair, seriously, your time is done as a professional wrestler. He's an icon in this business, with tons of respect, but I think I'd like to see him more in an administrative position (ie. General Manager). His in-ring act is very tired and boring. The "woooo"s will continue on without him with the likes of Michaels and Kurt Angle. Look for him to go out with a long, big bang in a bowing out.

9. Edge vs. Undertaker for World Heavyweight Championship: Undertaker = Look for the Undertaker to continue his win streak to win the title yet again. If by some chance he doesn't, I will lose a little respect for the WWE. This iconic phenomenon would be incredibly silly to tarnish. Not that WWE wouldn't do that, but it would be stupid. Look for this rivalry to continue to finally finish at SummerSlam.

10. John Cena vs. Triple H vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Championship: Triple H = This was a tough prediction to make because there are all kinds of reasons for either John Cena or Triple H to win. You could give the nod to Cena because of the huge amount of mixed reactions from the crowd that continue to stir, and the fact that he was pushed out by an injury which makes a great comeback story. Triple H would and should get the nod because he is a crowd favorite and believing to be the most deserving. I know the people are tired of him being in power, and I'm biased because he's my favorite, but he really is the epitome of championship material: physically, mentally, and skillfully. His overall persona is hard to outdo.